Ancient recipes of the Tuscan tradition: here’s where you can taste them

Food, in all its forms, is an important part of the culture of a territory because it is the reflection of its history. At restaurant La Canonica you can find the values ​​of the area living in the ancient recipes of the Tuscan tradition.

In order to keep the identity of a territory, it’s important to preserve the  heritage of flavors and civilization practices, from agriculture to cattle breeding.

The culinary culture of a place has to conserve the heritage of past generations, without being afraid to make changes that respect the traditions and that represent the typical products of a region with the natural evolution of taste.

Restaurant La Canonica has always been dedicated to the the ancient recipes of the Tuscan tradition, proposing in its delicate menus reinterpretations of traditional dishes, mixing them with the taste of contemporary cuisine.

The ingredients of tradition

The ancient recipes of the Tuscan tradition of Resaturant La Canonica contain many elements of the culture of the territory, such as the red onions of Certaldo.
It is one of the most native product of the Valdelsa area, even Boccaccio included it in his “Decamerone” in the figure of Frate Cipolla, coming from Certaldo. At restaurant La Canonica the red onions of Certaldo are proposed as jam and as garnish for the liver quenelle on vinsanto jelly.

Equally noble is the origin of the guinea-fowl, that goes back to the time of the Medici family, in fact we can find it on the Florentine noble tables of that time and later it became one of the cornerstones of the cuisine of Siena; Restaurant La Canonica proposes and refines this tradition in the following first course: Tortelli stuffed with guinea fowl with thyme and Pioppini mushrooms.

The boar ragout is another of the cornerstones of the ancient recipes of the Tuscan tradition and cannot miss in a menu that presents the flavors and the typical ingredients of Tuscan cuisine; Restaurant La Canonica proposes the  traditional version, revisiting the tagliatelle with wild boar ragù; a real evergreen for those who want to enter into the wildlife of Siena.

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